Linda Seaman

Proposed by Malvika Kumar

Linda Seaman is a wonderful nurse, whom I have met briefly, when she came to pick up a donation of caps for nurses and we waved at each other with a glass door between us. I have never spoken to her except for communications via text messages. I ‘met’ her via Facebook, she was looking for help for nurses in the ICU who had run out of caps they are required to wear for protection from infection.

Linda tells me that she is a registered nurse and her qualifications are: MSN BSN RN CCRN. She has been a nurse for over 30 years, the majority in critical care. Currently she is the Clinical Director for TurnCare, a medical device company working with high acuity patients.

Linda shared her COVID-19 experience: “Since COVID started it has been difficult emotionally, not to be right on the front lines with my husband and friends as I used to be. That is because of some health issues that prohibits me because of my immune system. But I am able to help in many other ways, such as coordinating hospital donations, sewing masks and hats, and supporting my peers.”

Linda is happily married for 31 years to her husband Rodney, a fellow nurse, who is on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients in the ICU as well as heading the Structural Heart program at our local hospital. They are blessed with a great son Shane, who is 21 years old.