Kerala Rice in Mumbai

Served by Arjun Ravi Kolady

A lady in Mumbai reached out to us recently, seeking assistance in sourcing Kerala rice for her senior mother. The senior in question has blood cancer, as well as a pelvic fracture, and finds in difficult to digest anything else currently.

All shops the Mumbai Caremongers reached out to, had no stock of this variety of rice, so a few people offered to share the supplies they had in their own homes.

Arjun Ravi Kolady lived closest to the area, and went there with zero hesitation, armed with Kerala rice from his home stock.

The requesters were stunned that Arjun accepted no reimbursement for the rice. So they requested him to wait downstairs, and in 10 minutes, sent down a hand-painted card along with a thank you note!

Well done Arjun and thank you for being such a fine example of Caremongering!