Welcome to Caremongers India - FAQs

A warm welcome to everyone.

1. What are we here for?
As you all are already aware, the purpose of the group is to be of assistance to someone who requires it. What is the nature of assistance? Anyone’s guess. Could be a grocery store run, medical supplies, pet food, cash withdrawal, veggies, bill payments… the list is endless!
2. Who are the people who can seek help?
Typically, the people we assist are those that fall into the vulnerable category:
a. The elderly / senior citizens
b. Those with pre-existing medical conditions
c. The physically-challenged
d. Anyone with infants under 12 months.
3. How does it work financially?
Any purchases made are certainly reimbursable; the service/delivery we provide is voluntary and will not be charged.
4. How does the process flow?
  • People seeking assistance register on the Caremongers Citizen Database  https://forms.gle/5gsWUH7pUS8GTsiYA 
  • Requests are verified for need and authenticity
  • Volunteers will map all citizens in need according to location and requirement.
  • Volunteers will check in once a week / once a fortnight to ensure that supplies are met.
  • Urgent requests can also be WhatsApp-ed or SMS-ed to Caremongers India on the helpline number (+91 95911 68886).
 5. What can we do to help?
Share, share, share. Please help build our network of volunteers and requesters alike. In the current scenario, the strongest method of prevention is social isolation, so help us help more people.
The requests also really DO come in from all across India, so it is equally important to enlist more volunteers.
6. How can volunteers sign up?
Please use the form at https://forms.gle/UPsZP2hxTkGDNqLP8 to fill in your details.
7. How do you verify the requests and volunteers?
Every request is personally screened for authenticity and urgency before being added to our database. 
Similarly, before assigning a request to a volunteer, somebody from the core group will verify authenticity and intention before assigning a request.
8. What precautions do the volunteers take?
While we are helping our community, it is imperative that we stay safe too. Here are some of the methods we adopt:
a. Minimal cash transactions: Reimbursements are encouraged via digital channels only – UPI / PayTM / NetBanking
b. Masks & gloves for volunteers on the field.
c. Zero physical contact – packages are either handed over at Apartment security or deposited at the gate of the individual’s home. 
d. Collection of reimbursements prior to package delivery, to avoid fraudulent transactions.
e. Partnerships with vendors / logistics partners to enable hassle-free service.
Thank you for being a part of our community!