Dr. Rohit Beri

Proposed by Malvika Kumar

Dr. Rohit Beri, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist. Director of ICU at St Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.

Dr. Beri lives with his family, his wife Sonia and two lovely daughters 8 and 10 years old in Trumbull, CT.

Dr. Beri recounted how things changed since the lockdown:”my schedule has been extremely hectic in the last 7 weeks. Had only five days off in the last fifty days. Many days worked 16 hours a day.”

His wife worked from home and home schooled two kids while living in a constant fear of her husband getting sick.

Dr. Beri says “it has been challenging physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Dr. Beri’s message to the community: “Please do not underestimate the asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission of this highly contagious and deadly virus. This is how 80 percent people contract this disease. There are now studies proving that transmission is significantly higher during a two day period before someone becomes symptomatic than after they become symptomatic. This has to do with the way viral shedding occurs. Therefore, assume everyone within your six feet could potentially pass that virus to you, no matter how healthy that person appears. So please keep social distancing or have a mask on as the businesses and activities start to open. This would be the biggest help you can provide to any frontline worker and to the community at large.“

Dr. Beri’s commitment, sacrifice and courage are an inspiration to me and to our community!

I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he does at the frontlines for all of us, day and night!



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  2. Proud of you dear Rohit or I would rather say Jugnu, the nick name which suits you even more today. Keep it up and take care of yourself. Stay safe and stay healthy.

  3. We are very proud of you, Sonia and the kids. God Bless all the frontline workers.

  4. Hats off to you, Dr Rohit for taking care of critically ill patients even at the cost of putting your own life at stake. It indeed is extremely taxing for you and your family. May you have the courage and tenacity to do so. God bless you always.

  5. Gurpreet K Bhomia

    Dr. Beri. Your passion and dedication to your your work are commendable!!! Wishing you the VERY best in life and health.

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